Walter & Mafalda Grizzly Bears


Walter & Mafalda Grizzly Bears

Special “Voices of Freedom” video series on “Walter” and “Mafalda” the Grizzly Bears rescued from a closed zoo in Argentina. #WildAnimalSanctuary #VoicesofFreedom

Voices of Freedom – Walter

Special "Voices of Freedom" video series on "Walter" and "Mafalda" the Grizzly Bears rescued from a closed zoo in Argentina. #WildAnimalSanctuary #VoicesofFreedom

Posted by The Wild Animal Sanctuary on Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Sanctuary’s two primary missions involve rescuing and caring for animals – and educating people about the Captive Wildlife Crisis.  To that end, we allow people who want to learn more about the work we do to visit our unique facility.

The Sanctuary is not a Zoo and offers a completely different experience.  Our rescued animals live in large open habitats and are not forced to be front-and-center just so people can see them easier.  Our elevated walkway is more than 1.5 miles long and spans across numerous natural habitats, so there are plenty of opportunities for guests to see many of the rescued animals closer.

However, it is important for people to come for the right reasons and not just for entertainment.  With more than 150,000 people visiting yearly, it’s obvious the Sanctuary is an amazing place to visit and learn, but we purposely do not strive to attract the 1.5 million visitors annually seen at the Denver Zoo.

Instead, the vast majority of visitors to the Wild Animal Sanctuary come to experience an incredibly serene setting where Prides of African Lions roam freely and Tigers, Wolves, Bears and other large carnivores also live and coexist peacefully.

The Sanctuary has a general entry fee for adults and children that is designed to cover the cost of hosting visitors… and also offers a membership of sorts that is referred to as “Active Supporter Status”.  Visitors can choose to just pay the normal entrance fee with added donation for the animals – or become an Active Supporter – which provides benefits such as being able to visit as often as you like and bring up to 5 guests with you as well.

Every Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf and other large carnivore living at the Sanctuary was rescued from an illegal or abusive situation and desperately needs your help to survive.  Visiting the Sanctuary is a privilege, and requires a serious commitment by people in order to be part of the solution to the Captive Wildlife Crisis.


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Walter & Mafalda Grizzly Bears

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