Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my page, my name is Diane Wesley and I am passionate about animals and their care. ( is this where I say I prefer animals to humans? )

I live on the Gold Coast Coast Australia, married and have two wonderful rescue dogs Gracie and Rocco.

Rocco isn’t too keen on the pool and just observes from a distance




She sneaks in the pool when we are not looking!












I believe that we are here to look after our animal friends whether they are our pets or any other amazing creatures around the world.

As humans, we have choices, and sadly I have seen too many choices made, that are either about greed, neglect or abuse.

Of course there are also so many wonderful stories about love and caring too!

There may be stories here that you will not enjoy and ones that will touch your heart. I plan on keeping this balanced.

For me, this is a reminder to keep conscious about what is happening in the world. It is so easy to go about our daily lives and skip over things that don’t directly impact us.

Just being mindful!

The suffering of the Orangutans in Indonesia, the Sun Bears in China, Circus Animals, Elephants etc etc

Not only wild animals but domestic ones also. The conditions in Factory Farms, Forced Feeding, Slaughter Houses and any other cruelty towards animals will be here.

I can tend to get on my soap box at times and I am always interested in your ideas or information – so get in touch and let me know your thoughts or stories.

I am not here to judge,  just to remind.


Di Wesley

Di Wesley














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See you on the other side!