Baby chimpanzee

Image result for A baby chimpanzee is on his way to a new life when an unlikely friendship is born...

Baby chimpanzee

Baby chimpanzee

A baby chimpanzee is on his way to a new life when an unlikely friendship is born…Have you ever seen anything this cute? 😍

Posted by The Animal Bible on Friday, March 2, 2018

Baby chimpanzee

A baby chimpanzee is on his way to a new life when an unlikely friendship is born…
Have you ever seen anything this cute? 😍 How did this chimpanzee end up as this flight’s “co-pilot”? Mussa, a baby chimpanzee, was rescued from poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With the help of Virunga National Park, Mussa was transported to safely in a small aircraft. The baby primate enjoyed the flight and even “helped” adjust the throttle at one point. Mussa was treated for intestinal parasites but is otherwise doing well in his new home. Chimpanzees are listed as endangered as they face threats from bushmeat hunters and habitat loss. He was handed over to Lwiro Primates, an incredible organisation that gives refuge to orphaned primates while working to ensure their protection in the wild.

The Centre for the Rehabilitation for Primates for Lwiro was created in 2002 for two Congolese Institutions; Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and the Centre de Recherché en Sciences Naturelles (CRSN). During the second war of DRC (1998-2004) the poaching increased frighteningly and they decided to give to the orphans a safe place where recover physically and physiologically. Due the incessant number of animal arriving to the Centre the cost of caring and nursing these animals becomes difficult to sustain. Is why in 2006 arrived COOPERA to provide financial and technical support. Since then, ICCN, CRSN and COOPERA have been working together, with the support of International donors, to provide the animals with the best care possible. 

The Centre for the Rehabilitation for Primates is an important conservation tool for Primates in DR Congo. We are taking care of 72 chimpanzees and 92 monkeys of 11 different species, all of them victims of the pet trade and poaching. Without centres like ours, no confiscation would be possible, therefore we are a key for law enforcement. CRPL is also an important part of the Conservation Action Plan for Grauer’s gorillas and chimpanzees

But not only this, our chimpanzees and monkeys have become the ambassadors for the wild population. Our education and sensitization program reaches more than 3.000 people per year. CRPL is also involve in the following activities:

 Rescue, rehabilitation and planned reintroduction of confiscated wildlife
Conservation and environmental educati
Community development, health and sanitation projects
Research programs and activities
Local and international tourism

Collaboration with local and international organizations

 CRPL is an accredited sanctuary by Pan Africans Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) and Global Federation of Animals Sanctuaries (GFAS).

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