Helping the Homeless care for their pets


For a homeless person, a pet is often their closest companion. Often, a pet will help them stay safe when they are sleeping rough, provides comfort and companionship, and many homeless people tell us that caring for their pet is what keeps them from being tempted by drugs or alcohol when they are at their lowest. But for a person on the street, caring for a pet and affording veterinary care can be an almost impossible task to go alone.

One of the charities that is very close to our hearts, is Pets In The Park, a group of dedicated volunteer vets, vet nurses, and other volunteers who every month, help homeless people across Australia to care for their pets.

As our way of helping the homeless to care for their pets, Paws for A Purpose has pledged to help fund the great work that Pets In The Park does across Australia.


Inset photo: Our Dr Mark Kelman doing a free vet-check at Pets In The Park in Frankston, Melbourne.
About Pets In The Park

Pets In The Park was started by Sydney veterinarian, Dr Mark Westman, back in 2009, when he literally set up a fold-out table in Parramatta Park, Sydney, and started giving free vet-checks and vaccines to homeless peoples pets in the area. He saw a need back then to help people keep the pets they have, which provide essential companionship, protection, and unconditional love to people who need it the most.

The concept quickly caught on with many volunteers offering to help this great cause. An official charity was formed and became incorporated, gaining full status including ‘Deductible Gift Recipient’ meaning that all donations to PITP are fully tax deductable.

The issue of how to continue to get funding for essential groups like Pets In The Park, was one of the inspirations that gave birth to the idea of Paws for A Purpose.

Actually helping the homeless care for their pets

Since its early days, the reach of Pets In The Park has now grown with the group becoming a fully registered charity, and operating in 3 states of Australia (NSW, VIC and QLD) with 5 regions and still growing, due to the need of homeless people and those at risk of homelessness to get help, particularly veterinary assistance, in caring for their pets.

As the charity moves into it’s 5th year and beyond, with a dedicated group of hundreds of volunteers and a number of directors now keeping this essential charity operating – it has no government funding, and is in need of financial help to be self-sustaining, particularly as it grows.

Across Australia, Pets In The Park runs monthly free veterinary clinics for homeless people’s pets, and for people at risk of homelessness. They also run desexing clinics where they perform surgical procedures at no cost, for these same pets. They also run outreach programs to get to people who are living rough but unable to make it to the regular clinics.

Helping Pets In The Park to help the homeless

Paws for A Purpose, from the profits generated from the sale of it’s quality products will contribute to the financial help that Pets In The Park needs to fund it’s administration and growth.

You can find out more about Pets In The Park here.

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