Looking at this – It’s easy to forget that this is Africa’s most fearsome animal.

Jessica The Friendly Hippo | Wild Things

Jessica The Friendly Hippo | Wild Things

Jessica The Friendly Hippo | Wild Things

Jessica, the friendly hippopotamus, has been part raised by humans…

Posted by Wild Things on Monday, December 11, 2017

Jessica: An unique encounter along side the river…

Jessica The Friendly Hippo / Wild Things  Jessica the Hippo, the world famous hippo. Jessica ‘lives’ in the river of Hoedspruit and has been raised by her owners Tonie and Shirley Joubert if it was there own child. The Joubert family took care of the animal whilst her mother was found exhausted at the border of the Kruger Park. With a background as a ranger Tonie Joubert knew exactly what he needed to do to get Jessica vital again with success. Though Jessica is free wherever she would like to go, again and again she chooses her favorite spot on the sidewalk of the house in Hoedspruit. Jessica sleeps in the house of Tony and Shirly and is approachable for humans. She weighs about 1,2 ton and is without a doubt worlds most famous hippo. In recent years Jessica caught a lot of media attention and performed in more then 90 films and documentaries.

Experiencing the incredible bond between game warden Tonie Joubert and Jessica the Hippo, it’s easy to forget that this is Africa’s most fearsome animal.

Having grown up to fear hippos more than any other creature on the African continent, it was with great hesitation that I approached Jessica’s giant canine teeth and powerful gaping jaw. Just seconds before, Tonie Joubert planted a kiss on the smiling hippo, who washed up on his doorstep in South Africa 12 years ago after devastating floods separated her from her mother.

In the wild, a lone premature calf won’t survive for long, but Tonie and his wife Shirley nursed Jessica to health with baby formula. She now weighs nearly 2, 200 pounds and sleeps on their veranda in the Limpopo province! Jessica is the world’s most famous hippo and perhaps the only one who has forgotten how aggressive and scary she is supposed to be.

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