This Vegan Egg is Made From a 4,400 Year Old Bean

This Vegan Egg is Made From a 4,400 Year Old Bean

This Vegan Egg is Made From a 4,400 Year Old Bean

This Vegan Egg is Made From a 4,400 Year Old Bean

Like if you would try Hampton Creek's scrambled 'eggs'

Posted by LIVEKINDLY on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Two months ago, Erin Brodwin of Business Insider tried Hampton Creek’s then tentatively-titled product “Just Scramble.” After sampling the egg patty, which was presented in a toasted bialy with some of the company’s signature “Just Mayo,” Brodwin stated that he was “blown away.”

He added:“The texture was perfect and the taste was distinctly egg. It didn’t seem like it could be the same product, but perhaps all the “Just Scramble” needed was a bit of crispiness and a smidge of creamy pea protein. As we talked, I ate three more pieces. Running out of time, I put the fourth in a bag to take home.”

Now, Hampton Creek has officially launched the product, first in San Francisco and then to “additional locations and cities in 2018.” Business Wire writes: “Just Scramble tastes like egg, is free of antibiotics and cholesterol, and its ingredients require less water and emit fewer carbon emissions than conventional eggs. The product, which has already won acclaim from notable chefs and food enthusiasts, is made from a 4,400-year-old legume called a mung bean that scrambles like an egg.”

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick states of the new product: “We were lucky enough to find something that has impacted our food system for thousands of years and turn it into a meal that will impact it for thousands more. Launching Just Scramble is the culmination of years of hard work by our talented team.”

HC’s Just Scramble ingredients are anticipated to save at least 65% more fresh water than conventional egg products and emit 24% fewer greenhouse gases (data validated by Third Partners). So not only does Just Scramble offer the flavor and functionality of a chicken egg without the need for a hen, the environmental impact of its ingredients will be significantly smaller.

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